Well, well Happy New Year!

Resolutions, revolutions, praying, fasting, juicing, loving, positivity, cleaning, to-do lists, organization, doing good better… These are things people usually like to do bringing in the new year.
Me? I make resolutions all year long. One thing I do like to do is take account of my life. I like to make sure I did what I set out to do or made a valiant effort to do. When I see slack, I focus on that area if it’s for me to focus on. If it was my will and not God’s will, I let it go.
We have a new baby only the way, a new business venture, and a new perspective on life. To me, that sets up a joyous new year.
Go enjoy your loved ones. Happy New Year Lovers!




Merry Christmas

I’m a very simple person, I tend to not make big deals about stuff. This one thing however is an exception. There is no “X” in CHRISTmas. X is unknown, no meaning, unfounded. Christ is none of those. While you all open your presents and share time with loved ones, remember Christ this season. Merry Christmas to all!